CBI (Crypto Based Innovation) is a Association that creates wealth and prosperity for its customers and members by making various Crypto Currency services available to them and at the same time give you an opportunity to create your own business from home for a very small initial amount. 

It must be understood that Crypto Currency Investments are seen as a very high risk investment due to the volatility of the coins and also the fact that it is not seen by many as a real investment in terms of value. Crypto “Currencies” are not Currencies, neither are they ASSETS like property but should rather be seen as a “STORE of Value”. These values are those put on them by the free market as determined solely by supply and demand and the “expected” demand it might have in the future.

The value of Bitcoin has increased over 1,875% over the last 24 months and at the same time had periods of correction of up to 30% in one week. At the same time the Peer-to-Peer payment system which excludes third parties to collect funds as transaction fees, and the secrecy of the wallet owners is creating much frustration for banks and governments which will try everything to stop this phenomena. In spite of all these reasons why Bitcoin is made out as a “FAKE”, it has proven over the last 9 years nobody will ever stop it and the market cap of all crypto currencies has grown nearly $800 billion in 2017 alone.

We have a selected team to apply as much risk management protocols which include rigorous internal controls and limits to assure the highest returns under these circumstances. All trades are taken with a focus on risk management and proper leverage. Funds are divided amongst HYIP, Investment Robots written for Crypto Trading, direct trading on the crypto exchanges by real people and we also participate in well researched ICO’s. We have also established a market to sell Bitcoins directly to end consumers through agents while we buy on the wholesale markets at cheaper prices.

What Is Investment

We are not a Fund Manager, neither are we investing any moneys or crypto currencies on anybody else’s behalf, but do it for our own account. In order to increase our profits, we are purely allowing you to add your funds with ours and for your effort, we share the profits we make with you. We are normally making more profits than suggested on our investment plans, but there are also some days where we make a loss. In order to minimise these losses we:

  1. Do our investments on exchanges on short terms for up to 5 day periods at a time;
  2. Only calculate our profits on a weekly basis;
  3. Minimise commissions on new investors, as we rather invest as much of the investments in our strategies to assure a satisfied co-investor;
  4. We have created and combined various strategies in order to meet any investment plan, be it for the small or big investor or small or long term, or for the investor who wants compounded investments or even partial compounding with weekly payments as well;
  5. Weekly reports with motivations of our investments are posted on the members site where the investor can stay informed of the investment progress;
  6. Payments are done every Saturday in order for the investor to plan his weekly investments ahead of a new week.


Coin Mining is becoming more and more “Old Fashioned”, as more and more coins are moving from “Proof of Work” (POW) to rather “Proof of Stake” (POS) or a combination thereof to make it faster, more versatile and usable.

The latest development in the coin mining industry is the development of Master Nodes as more and more mining in the crypto industry is not as profitable as it used to be because POW coin production has lost its mining profitability after the crash of all coins since January 2018. On the other side, Masternodes can be an extremely volatile investment as your Master Node can decrease in value by over 50% within a 24-hour period. It is therefore very important to make a detailed study and have competent people to do research before you embark to set up such a master node.

At the same time have the issuing of ICO’s (Initail Coin Offerings), to raise funds for innovative digital related projects and businesses hit the world by storm and done much better than IPO’s on the normal Stock Rxchanges. With this a lot of “False” or “Fake” businesses has also rasied and thus created a lot of criticism from the investors markets and especially the various investor regulators of most countries. So much so that some countries has forbidden the issue of ICO’s. This however DOES NOT MEAN all ICO’s are not good profitable and worthy investing opportunities. To get the right ones with the best ROI however, is still a challenge, especially for the small investor who does not have the necesary financial background and skills to do the required investigation to such offerings.

With the thousands of Crypto Excahnges rising all over the world the scope for Bartering with Cryptos has also opened up as Cryptos can be moved much quicker from one exchange to another in order to buy low and sell immediatley at a higher price knowing already your buying price at the targeted selling exchange before you buy it at a lower price elsewhere.

The Crypto markets are EXTREMELY volatile making the price fluctuations an ideal trading market for Day Traders and Swing Traders especially in the CFD offerings and profits of up to 50% per day is not so extreme. HOWEVER, the opposite is also possible and portfolios can easily drop in value with up to 50% per day with an inexperienced trader. 

To manage these effectively Uhuru has selected and negotiated various individuals that are fairly succesful in their specific fields to handle these trades for us. EVEN with high profit margins, an “experienced” trader can also make losses for an extensive period of time and we have found the best solution is to “pool” funds together and divide it in certain proportions amongst Master Nodes, Bartering, Trading and ICO participation. This means that in participating in such POOL you own a small fraction of the proceeds, hence the word FRAXION which we have coined, making it a unique Uhuru Speculative investment. What is more is that we throw ALL the proceeds and losses of ALL pools together at the end of the day and then calculate the Losses and Profits and divide it amongst ALL FRAXION Holders in accordance with the amount of FRAXIONS you own. Therefore a TRUE part or Fraction in the complete Crypto business industry. We then declare the daily profit at the end of the day and pay it out the next evening after the calculations are confirmed.

Weekly Pools

AS much as the Masternodes pay out daily, some of these MasterNodes themselves increase in value overnight while some loose value. So we are also Trading with MasterNodes themselves. ICO profits are normally taken just before the coin launches on the Exchanges and therefore profits are not daily but rather with certain increments.

We then finalise the losses and profits of buying and selling the MasterNodes and also add the profits of ICO’s, once materialised, and then share  the profits of these transactions on a weekly basis. Once again the profits are shared in relationship to the amount of FRAXIONS our speculators own. Because of the Weekly sharing in the POOL, there is NO refund on any investment or speculative participation made on the original amount. You participate in the both the Daily earnings as well as the weekly POOL earnings for the duration of the speculative period of 1,000 days, but never receive your innitial investment back on the expiry date.

Take Note:

Due to the nature of these investments, they are extremely volatile, and NO profits are guaranteed. Be cautious in the amounts you speculate in participating as no profits are gauranteed.


CBI has been very successful in trading in the Crypto market over the last few years. We are participating in buying, selling and managing Crypto Currencies and Masternodes, Bartering with Crypto Coins and have an excellent team now also trading with Currency Pairs, Gold, Oil and the Indices.

As all the above are fairly high-risk investment options we have decided to launch our own trading in order to allow our members to also participate in this volatile market for an extremely short period of time. 

What we do is we put all our amounts of coins that we have allocated together and allow our members to also participate directly in it by taking a share in the weekly trading efforts. We then trade through currency pairs, gold, oil and indices on this market and share the profits, after all costs being deducted, amongst all our participants in proportion to their participation at the end of the week. 

This means:
  • You have all your capital PLUS growth after every weekend with a maximum of CBI 10,000 withdrawal per week, unless you give 10 working days notice
  • You can participate in weekly terms and therefore your funds are not tight
  • You can with the switch of a button choose to get your funds back or reinvest on a weekly basis (Please see the CBI 10,000 Rule)
  • Your risk is lower in the sense that your spread is bigger in a group and the broker managing your portfolio is highly experienced and your money is not in the hands of an amateur
  • You can participate with much smaller amounts than in a private account with a broker for smaller exposure
  • No fuzz and forms to participate as we transfer directly with Crypto into the trading accounts within seconds – no participating in coins but purely trading in the groups as indicated above
  • No admin or transfer fees to or from your TRADE wallet and also no certificate registration or Admin fees for members
  • Customers do pay a small registration/admin fee of 0.5% per investment transaction.
  • Although we cannot guarantee any profits or a minimum income, we have shown a track record where we can without any hesitation say that our customers have received up to 3,5% per week after all fees and commissions are deducted. You can under normal conditions expect a return of between 0.8% and 3% per week. If you are not happy with the results you don’t sit stuck with an investment that you don’t like as you can withdraw the full amount, subject thereto that the withdrawal amount is less than CBI 10,000. For bigger amounts, we require a 10 business day notice period as the funds are in trading and we need to make sure that we can release it.

A minimum of CBI 30 is required with a maximum of CBI 200,000 per member. You can choose to re-invest the original amount and withdraw the weekly profits to your CBI wallet, or re-invest all or withdraw all. Re-Investments are not subjected to the maximum participation rules.

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